Crescent City to Florence OR

We all slept late after our evening of fireworks and beach-front pyromanics. We got a late start but still made it to Florence, Oregon Dunes, by 2pm.

The drive from Crescent Beach to Florence (Oregon Dunes) was longer than we expected. We stopped around Port Orford for lunch. The only place we could find was a sit-down restaurant, but we ordered sandwhiches to go. The food didn’t go over well with the kids. Roby was especially repulsed by the tuna melt that had ham mixed in with it. After closer inspection and consumption by dad, it was proved conclusively that the ham was in fact just tomato and tasted great.

The kids got more excited when we passed the first Dune Buggy rental place in Reedsport. We watched a few people pull out and there were dozens more riding their own ATVs in the dunes. The kids were psyched and full of anticipation.

We squelched the urge to jump in a dune buggy before doing anything else and pressed on to our campsite at Honeyman State Park. We found our site — F Loop #293, which turned out to be perfect for access to the dunes and surprisingly the EXACT same park that we stayed at pre-kids 15 years ago. We walked through a path behind our campsite and climbed a sand mountain — the highest dune within miles. The site of the dunes was breathtaking. Ryan and Roby were so excited, they couldn’t wait to climb to the top. Dad went back to get the camera. When he returned, Ryan and Roby were already visible near the tops of the mountain. Cal, mom and dad, climbed up after them. The sand was extremely fine as we scaled the side. We’d lose a half step for step up. We had to use our hands and our feet to make it up. The wind was still blowing very hard.but the sky was crystal clear. We walked along the top ridge of the dune as sand swirled around. The kids had a great time jumping off of the edge of the dunes. We were the only people out there. We could see dune buggy riders and ATVs in the distance. At this point all the kids could talk about was how fast ATVs go and how big or old they would need to be to drive them on their own.

We had a campfire and cooked hotdogs on a stick and marshmallows for dessert. Just as the sun was going down we climbed the same huge sand dune and then continued beyond to another higher peak closer to the ocean. The kids sprinted down the side of the dunes and rolled in the sand.

As the sun went down we headed home. Mom played cards with Roby in his tent and Ryan and Cal played pool on Ryan’s PDA until falling asleep around 10:30.

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