Camping in Sooke

Rusty made several business calls but was able to wrap up by 10am (good thing about the west coast). We all went for a swim in the pool — which is a fantastic indoor-outdoor pool with a hot tub.

We left the Coast Harbor Hotel and headed 45 minutes up the west coast to a remote area called Sooke. We checked out a few campgrounds and eventually settled at Frend Provencial Park. It’s very rustic (no running water or showers) but on a beautiful part of the shore.

We beachcombed for a bit — picking up rocks and chasing very small salmon as they swam in the waves near shore. In the early evening we went up to the “Sooke Potholes” and went swimming. The potholes are really just a river in a deep ravine with lots of pools, ledges and falls. It was cold but we all swam before going back to the campsite.

We had a fire just to take the chill off. It was nice to fall asleep listening to the wind and waves.

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