Beaches and Waimea

After the previous day’s success with boogie boarding the kids were eager for more.  We started out nearby at the beach just down the path from our condo called Brenneke’s beach.  It’s a small inlet, but popular wtih kids for boogie boarding.  It turned out that the waves were too big for Roby and Cal to get a good ride.  Ryan was able to swim further out and get some great rides on big waves.

After having lunch in the condo we convinced the kids to go for a drive to the west to see some other beaches.  We didn’t really have a destination but we knew we’d pass several beaches along the route.  We ended up at a very long sandy beach called Kekaha just outside of Waimea. 

The beach had great sand — no lava rocks in sight — which has been rare on our trip.  It looked rough but there was a life guard on duty and he said that it would be OK for boogie boarding so we decided to give it a try.  It was only later that we realized that the lifeguard paid more attention to his dog and book than he did to the people on the beach.

We tried to ride a few waves with the boogie boards, but it was immediately clear that we weren’t going to be able to ride any waves. They were huge.  Rather than get discouraged the kids started playing in the waves trying to figure out how to go over and under before the break so they didn’t end up in the "washing machine."  The water was extremely powerful and would slam you to the bottom if you got caught in the break. That happened a few times to all of us but the sandy bottom made it reasonably easy to recover.  We played in the waves for over an hour and had a great time. 

We went for a walk down the beach and Ryan noticed a grey object in the sand and it turned out to be a baby hammerhead shark that had either washed up during a storm or been caught by someone fishing from the beach.  Even though it was only a foot long it was fun to see the hammerhead and to feel its rough skin.


After we finally burned out — literally our eyes were so red from the salt and sand we couldn’t see — we showered off and got back in the car.  We drove up 14 miles and 4000 feet in elevation into Waimea Canyon which has been compared to the Grand Canyon.  We were thinking about a hike that would take us to a mountain waterfall and pool that we could swim in. We stopped at a scenic lookout and it was amazing to see the size of the canyon and the red and green mountains.  We finally got to the Waimea_2 trailhead.  We realized that we only had one bottle of water and Roby had couldn’t move his legs after all the abuse in the waves.  We tried to coax him out for a short walk, but he couldn’t do it.  It turned out to be for the better because it was a long drive back down the cayon and into town. 

We stopped at a supermarket to pick up food for the evening. The kids decided that they wanted to make something different.  And that THEY would prepare the food.  Ryan had learned how to make burritos on his canoe/camping trip so we bought the necessary ingredients for a gourmet dinner prepared by the kids.

We also stopped briefly on the way back home at a sugar plantation to pull up a piece of cane to bring home.  With all the no trespassing signs we felt like major criminals but we really wanted to see what a piece of cane straight from the fields looked like.

The dinner was great and we toasted our good time in Hawaii with sprite and wine with sugar cane sticks (we used the cane that we bought at the store rather than the stuff we pulled up from the field which turned out to be dry and dusty).


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