Hilo Market (July 20 morning)

In the morning we had our usual breakfast at the turtle reef house and the kids were all up by 7:30.  With all of our activity the kids have been going to bed early and waking up reasonably early so we’ve been able to get a lot out of each day.

We had read about a farmers market in downtown Hilo so we decided to check it out.  We didn’t know exactly where it was so we just followed the main road that headed into Hilo.   Just by chance we found "Banyan Drive" as we were exploring.  This is a small stretch of road near the waterfront with huge banyan trees named after famous people.  It wasn’t quite as impressive as a volcano or hot steam but it did inspire the kids to take out their earphones for a few minutes.

We found the market just a few blocks away and it was bustling.  There was a tent for produce and about  six tents for clothes, art, hand-made trinkets, etc.  He had a lot Hilo_market_2_1of fun looking at all of the stuff.  We found Roby a Hawaiian shirt that actually fits (kids shirts are too small and adult shirts are too big) and we bought a few other t-shirts.  On the way back out we bought flowers, avocado and a some other great vegetables for our dinner salad. 

A man with a machete was chopping up coconuts and giving them to people with a straw as a refreshing drink.  The sight of him shaving off the husk with a few inches of his fingers, and the appearance of the coconut after his skillful work was moreHilo_market_1_1  compelling than the taste of the drink, but for a few bucks we were happy.

After we filled out bags, we got a quick lunch at a fantastic little eatery a block away from the market. 

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