July 26 – Beaches to the North

We explored the east and north shore of Kaui looking for good swimming and boogie boarding beaches.  As usual we were surprised at the size of the waves.  We our first stop was Kealia Beach which had many locals out riding the big waves with surf boards — no boogie boarders were in sight and it looked too intimidating to explore.  We finally came to a nice wide beach but the waves still looked too big.  We continued up the road to the north shore and finally found a beach with a freshwater river running along lava rocks into the crashing ocean waves.  We could swim in the calm waters of the river and play in the surge at the mouth. 

After a little while we got our nerve up to try swimming in the huge surf.  We stayed close together  and tried our best to stand up in the waves but we were smashed by the 10 foot swells.  We still had fun although our parental nerves were a bit shot trying to keep the ducklings from getting pulled out to sea. 


July_26_2_1 July_26_4_1

We headed up the coast a bit more and made it nearly to the end of the road (which only goes to Ke’e).  We swam at a better beach called Tunnels which is calm and set at the base of huge green mountains and cliffs.  It was beautiful.  We snorkeled a bit but the day’s quest was to find the best boogie boarding location so even this didn’t measure up from the kid’s perspective. 

We had a late lunch in Hanalei which included a great fish sandwich made with Marlin and "shave ice" for dessert.

We stopped briefly at a farmer’s market to pick up some vegetables, flowers, and a pineapple for dinner.

On the way back home we stopped again at Kealia Beach that had dozens of local surfers and we walked to the north end near a breakwater.  We found a group of people boogie boarding and d ecided to give it a try.  It was a huge success.  Protected by the breakwater the waves were a July_26_1_1 manageable 5 feet or so with an occassional larger wave. The kids could boogie board close to shore where they could touch so it was much better.  They were in the water for over an hour and had a great time.

We drove back home around 7pm as the sun began to set.  At home we took a quick swim in the pool and hot tub and then settled in for the evening.

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