Kona to Poipu Kauai

Our flight from Kona to Kauai was at 9:20 so it meant a relatively early breakfast and departure for the group.  Even though we’ve done better than last year keeping bedtime reasonable, getting up at 7am is still tough now that we’ve settled into Hawaiian time. 

We dropped off the rental car and checked in very quickly.  Going through security took a bit more time because for some reason we were flagged as "high security" — probably because we waited to book our tickets until the day before.  So we got scanned and patted down before entering the outdoor courtyard where the gates are. 

We thought we had a direct flight to Kauai — at least that’s what the online reservation said.  It turns out that we did have a direct flight, but with one stop in Honolulu.  We landed in Lihue Kauai at about 11:30, picked up our new rental car and headed south to Poipu.

We stopped for a delicious lunch at Taco Bell.  We tried Burger King, but the line was too long.  We got the impression that the locals had abandoned the tradition of the Luau and replaced it with whoppers and tacos.

We made it to our condo Poipu within 20 minutes.  Once again our condo is in the middle of a large development — all two story condos with similar appearance.  The huge bonus for this place is that it has three bedrooms.  It’s incredibly spacious which is a luxury that makes a big difference with the kids.  It’s Poipu_1_1 also not quite as fancy as our place in Kona so we’re not barking at the kids quite as much to be careful not to spill food.

Our first goal was to get a sense of the area.  After we settled in, we walked for our condo down through the well manicured paths to the beach.  Unlike Kona we’re set well back from the water — about a half mile — so it’s a 5 minute walk to the water.  It’s a nice walk so no one complained.  We saw a few beaches and the Sheraton on the point.  The beaches are nice, but fairly  small and crowed compared with the other places we have visited.  The wind and waves are also bigger than we expected given that Poipu is on the south side of the island.Poipu_2_2

After visiting the beach we walked the other direction to see the Hyatt.  Perched on the watch next to Shipwreck beach, the Hyatt is a luxury resort with every amenity.  They have about six swimming pools – some of which have their own "sandy beaches" — and water slides for the kids.  The view of Shipwreck beach is stunning.  The main reception area and cocktail lounge is perched up on the cliff with the water sparkling in the background.  They have a strict policy against non-guests using their facilities so the kids saw the whole excursion as just an exercise in frustration.

We headed back to our condo and went for a swim in the pool, which in comparison to the Hyatt looked like a dinky footbath.  Poipu_3_1

We had dinner out for the first time since Honolulu and enjoyed some burgers and a great fish sandwich.    We relaxed a bit before going to bed.

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