The exact opposite of first class

The good news:  our plane left on time from Boston; we had a 90 minute layover in LA and enjoyed a dinner at Chili’s; our plane left on time in LA; and we arrived in Honolulu at exactly 10:30 local time.  Even more good news:  we go out bags first, hopped into a SUV van that fit us all easily and got us to the hotel by 11:30.

We’re grateful for that and realize we should never complain about air travel that goes well.


On both planes — I guess in order to accommodate a family of 5 in one row — we ended up in the absolute LAST row.  This wasn’t so bad in the 28th row 737 that we flew from Boston to LA, but was especially disappointing on the 35 row 757 that we flew from LA to Honolulu. 

It was great for peole watching as we got to see everyone 2 or 3 times during the flight as they took their bathroom breaks.  Even more special is that we got to HEAR everyone 2 or 3 times as they took their bathroom breaks.  Actually all we could really hear was the distinct WOOSH as the plane’s toilet flushed. I’m not sure why, but some people would decide to flush after they opened the bathroom door.  That was the most impressive.

We also got to hear the chatter of the flight attendants as they prepared food and snacks for everyone. It was a bit distressing to hear one of the flight attendants go "shush, listen.  Doesn’t that sound like we have a flat tire?"  As we were taxiing out onto the runway for take off. 

Anything else we can do to make your flight more enjoyable????

Here’s Cal and Rusty after 14 hours of traveling: Hawaii_vacation_2005_day_1_off_the_airpl

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