Turtle Reef Condo outside of Hilo

We didn’t want to get everyone too nervous about the unfamiliar setting and people at Turtle Reef condo.  It turns out that we’re at the end of road where people come and go – early in the morning and late at night – to fish. 

Turtle_reef_condo_1 The condo itself is amazing.  It has three bedrooms. The master bedroom has a king size bed with a master bath.  The kitchen Turtle_reef_condo_6_1opens up into a living room that has a view into the lush rainforest trees and the ocean beyond.  The kids have two bedrooms — one with a king and one with two twins.  And they have their own bath.  The rental car fits nicely in the garage.  A special bonus for the kids is huge plus  a 4ft deep above ground pool with a barbecue grill and a lounge chairs. 

The setting is really unbelievable.  We’re in the middle of thick ferns, orchids and funky multi-trunk trees.  There’s even a banana tree right next to our porch.  (By the way, this area is the wettest part of the island.  In fact, Hilo is the wettest place in the United States.  Fortunately the weather changes ever hour and it goes from rain to sun very quickly). 

The shore is within a few hundred yards of the house.  This isn’t a typical Hawaii beach shore; rather, it’s craggy volcanic rocks. The wind is very strong and the waves are big so it’s amazing to walk along the rocks and explore some of the tide pools and look out into the surf.  We’ve even been fortunate enough to see a few turtles swimming in the frothy waves!


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