Espana – Madrid and Santander

We spent two days in Madrid.  Although it was a short visit we saw all of the highlights – the royal palace, the Prado, and of great tapas for dinner.

We said goodbye to Ryan yesterday and we took a train north to Santander.  We´re now in a hotel near the beach in Santander.  Unfortunately the warm weather that we had in Madrid doesn´t happen here for a few more weeks.  Because we´re near the mountains it´s much cooler.  We are thinking about going up to see the caves of Alta Mira this afternoon or maybe just renting bikes. Cal and Roby say they just want to chill out at the beach, but with the weather that may turn out to be literally true.  We find something fun to do.

When we were in Madrid I uploaded a bunch more photos from Italy onto Flickr.  It´s the same link as before (I´m trying to figure out how to paste it here, but I´m on a spanish keyboard that I don´t understand.

Much love to everyone.

Rusty, Sue, Cal and Roby

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