Santander and Calabria

We´ve enjoyed our stay on the north coast of Spain.  It´s a beautiful area that looks more like Switzerland than Spain. That is, if Switzerland were on the water.   We´ve gone bike riding along the beach and the kids enjoyed riding Segways around the castle.

Yesterday we rented a car and drove to a cave in the mountains that was amazing.  We also saw the reproduction of the caves at Altamira (16,000 year old cave drawings).  We also visited a small town called Santilla del Mar.  Because we got a late start we ended up having three different dinners — some seafood salad at 6pm, barbecue at 9pm and fish dinner back in Santander at 11pm.  It´s really strange but the locals don´t  seem to start their evening until 10pm.  It´s fun and we figure it´s helping us get adjusted to US time.

This afternoon we´re going to the open air market and beach and then we take the train back to Madrid.  We´ll arrive at 9:30 tonight and stay at a hotel near the station and then take a taxi out to a fun area of Madrid for our last dinner.  We fly home tomorrow.

We´re still using an internet kiosk to check e-mail (and write this entry) so we can´t post any pictures.  Maybe we´ll have a better connection back in Madrid.  But of course we´ll be back in the US soon anyway and we´ll be able to fill everyone in.

We haven´t heard from Ryan yet but he has a very busy schedule and it´s probably hard to find a place to check e-mail.

Much love,

Rusty, Sue, Cal, and Roby

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